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Spotlight on General Practice at Oakmed

Dr Grant Fourie started his general practice at Oakmed 1 March 2008, and reached several milestones in the almost 9 years till now – 20 February 2017 (time of this update). The most significant of these milestones was to expand and deepen the level of general practice you can expect at Oakmed through various actions. And introducing many new facets.

The first of these measures – after establishing his own busy practice - was to welcome Dr Du Pré Louw in 2010. They could now provide a bigger spectrum of services to patients of all age groups. Dr Du Pré spends most of his time at Oakmed even though he is also affiliated with Pinemed in Pinehurst, Durbanville.

A third full time addition to the general practice at Oakmed was made in 2014 in order to provide further “depth” and variety of medical services. Dr Marc de Villiers joined the practice when the Betyalife course had to move to bigger premises (subsequently partially absorbed into Dr Grant Fourie’s medical practice). Dr Marc has many years general practice experience and mentions several fields of special interest. Functional medicine, anti-aging and longevity medicine, but also specific aesthetic procedures which he administers.

A medical sister assists everyday with the smooth running of services.

The general practitioners are based at Oakmed on a full time basis and bookings are made by dialling or emailing Reception (see home page). When any of the doctors occasionally need to attend medical seminars or specialised training Dr Grant may ask a Locum doctor to fill in.

The doctors accumulate many hours of CME*.and are equipped to handle all functions you would expect from a good family doctor. From treating & monitoring patients who manage their diabetes, to any ad hoc problem you may present them with. They also offer full annual medical check-ups including stress ECG's, lung function tests and blood tests, and address weight loss and lifestyle issues. In this context Dr Grant Fourie established the BetYalife course years ago. This course has now been made available online to enable a wider audience to benefit from it, but more specifically also forms part of his treatment protocols.

Minor surgeries are done under local anaesthetic at the doctors rooms / surgery and these can be expected to be significantly less costly compared to going to a specialist.

Dr Fourie has completed a 2-year Functional Medicine course through the American Institute of Functional Medicine in the interim and is currently - and continually - expanding his functional medicine practice, offering the philosophy that “health is not simply the absence of sickness”. Where he once had the Betyalife course as a separate entity, he now integrates nutrition in his wider focus for health. Hormone health is another area of focus which he focuses on. Depending on a patient’s reason for their visit, they might request a longer appointment to address a wider array of their concerns.

The services above are just a few examples of the entire range offered. Patients are welcome to ask Reception about any of the doctors, and for that matter also about the other practitioners at Oakmed. You are also welcome to visit Oakmed and familiarise yourself with the welcoming and professionally managed facilities.

The general practice’s - and indeed the whole of Oakmed’s - success hinges on happy and helpful support staff at Reception, and laughter can often be heard around Reception during the day. Some of the best medicine in itself!

*Continued Medical Education
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